Jennifer FLETCHER is an English painter and collagist who settled in Monaco in 1982, after many years in the Middle East. She studied at the Ecole d'Arts Plastiques of the Principality, and with the English artist John Pelling. Later she studied at the Atelier d'Ulysse, also in Monaco, as well as at Edinburgh College of Art. She took part in several Annual Salons of the Artists of Monaco, and held her first one-man exhibition in Monaco in 1991.

She searches for a fusion of the physical world with her emotional response to it, and will often explore a subject in a series of studies, finally resulting in complex compositions that seek to share with the viewer her personal response to the subject.

She uses a variety of media, often mixed, but recently has tended towards pastels for more figurative still life and flowers, and acrylic for abstract compositions. The collages recompose images to express her inner vision of the subject through the use of rhythm and colour. The influence of the light of the hot countries where she has lived shows in her use of colours, as she plays one against the other to make them vibrate and sing.







3ème Forum des Artistes de Monaco.



9ème Rencontre Artistique Monaco Japon



8ème Rencontre Artistique Monaco Japon



Forum des Artistes, Monaco



Open des Artistes, Monaco



XXXIIIème Grand Prix International d’Arts Plastique de la Société des Beaux Arts Maures Esterel



Forum des Artistes, Monaco



XIIème Grand Prix d’Arts Plastiques de la ville de Draguignan



Menton, Galerie Tiphaine



St. Tropez,  Espace Cotos



Port Grimaud, Chez Robert



Salon des Artistes de Monaco



Monte Carlo, “Le Fusionnel”, Cimaises de l’AJM



Port Grimaud, Galerie du Sud



Sainte Maxime, Galerie des Dauphins